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Pocket watch "Marine" Артикул: W0955

Описание товара

Stylish, perfectly preserved old German pocket watch. The case of the watch is made of 800-proof silver. The dial of the watch is with a white enamel coating. The hands are gilded. Contrasting large font of Arabic numerals of temporary numerical values, presented in a strict black version. The mechanism of the watch is in excellent safe and working condition. Elegant silver mechanical pocket watches, produced by the famous German company Junghans, one of the largest watch companies, have received high recognition and appreciation of their quality in many countries of the world. The watch was made at the beginning of the XX century. Despite the fact that the watch case is quite concise, it looks especially impressive since it is made in a strict stylistic design with an overhead silver anchor and is made as a three-lid dust-protected breget. The gilded elements of the mechanism, assembled on 15 ruby stones, and the body parts are in very good condition. The diameter of the watch case is 51 mm. The high and impeccable accuracy of the stroke and the original appearance will certainly please the collector and connoisseur of rare silver pocket watches. The watch comes with a belt watch chain and a gift box made specifically for pocket expensive antique watches.

Цена: 44 900 руб.

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