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Pocket watch "Theatrical" quartz Артикул: W2655

Описание товара

A beautiful new gift pocket watch in a silver anti-magnetic case with a decorative and artistic stylistic design corresponding to the ancient artistic decoration of pre-revolutionary pocket watches decorated with hand-made metal carving, with a partial fragmentary coating of the ornament and the watch case in red and yellow gold. A high-precision, convenient and reliable pocket watch complete with a special gift packaging box. Reliable quartz-dynamic mechanism with a quartz resonator and a central second hand. Powered by a traditional watch battery. Maintenance with a simplified possibility of replacing the battery. Continuous working period of at least 1 year. There is an additional possibility of disconnecting the battery power using the transfer clock head. A spectacular white dial with contrasting black large Arabic numerals. Excellent safe and working condition. The original hands of the clock have a traditional classical shape. The diameter of the watch case is 48 mm. The watch will be an excellent beautiful inexpensive gift for a person who prefers to wear a pocket watch, while maintaining the style and effect of the traditional practicality of using a pocket chronometer.

Цена: 2 000 руб.

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